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Living without plastic

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Posted: 28/01/2019 18:03
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A visit from Claudia Williams today www.pfree.co.uk.

Claudia is on a journey to find out whether it is possible to shop, cook, clean and wash & clothe ourselves without creating plastic waste and she came along to Golden Sheep Coffee HQ today to help us identify areas of our business where we can ditch the plastic.  Thank you Claudia, it was lovely to see you.

Visit her Instagram post for more  https://www.instagram.com/livingwithoutplastic/

Claudia says


"I love local businesses that make it easy for us to go plastic free - coffee import and roasting entrepreneur Michael @goldensheepcoffee is offering customers refills in Kilner jars, bamboo takeaway cups and vegware disposable cups. In addition to his online shop he has a regular stall at the weekly centre of town farmers market. This makes plastic-free shopping so accessible. This morning we looked at further plastic items back in his workshop that he can switch, like cleaning fluids and milk deliveries for example."