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What's your grind?

However you like to drink your coffee, we have the right grind for you.

Whether it's Espresso, Filter, Aeropress or Cafetiere..... we can grind it to suit. 

Prefer to grind your own? No problem, you can have whole beans too.

Perfectly ground coffee is the backbone of great cup, in conjunction with your personal brew preference and how you like your coffee. However, each grinder differs from another (even of the same make) which means finding your perfect combination make take a bit of trial and error - but here, we offer you a starting point for the most common brew methods:

French Press / Cafetiere
Grind: Coarse 

Filter / Drip
Grind: Medium / Fine 

Gind: Fine

Grind: Fine

Stove-top  / Moka Pot
Grind: Fine