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By 1880, coffee accounted for roughly ninety-per-cent of the country’s exports but this resulted in displacing many indigenous people, to make way for new plantations.

Many worked as seasonal labourers, often in return for food and shelter, but with few rights. The situation has improved, but in many areas,  large numbers of seasonal and daily harvest season workers wages are often still below the rural national minimum.

It is estimated that more than 50% of the population live in poverty, and 20% in extreme poverty. Organisations like Fair Trade are having a positive impact in helping to keep producers on small to mid-size farms on their land, helping to send children to school, pay for medical bills and provide food.

Guatemala produces the highest percentage of classified, high quality coffee by volume in the world. The coffee association of Guatemala as been instrumental in improving picking, processing and quality standards, with excellent information and resources available for farmers.


La Bolsa - Guatemala Single-Origin

Cherry, plum, hibiscus, strawberry. Syrupy body and long chocolate finish. Delightful!

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