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Most of the coffee grown in Bolivia is Arabica, composed largely of heirloom varieties like Typica and Caturra, and is grown organically.

Bolivia has a long history of coffee production, though little is known about its introduction to the country, or commercial coffee production further back than around 1880.

80% of the country’s coffee is now produced by smallholders, who tend to 1.2 to 8 hectares of land, on average. Yungas, which traverses the eastern slopes of the Andes, is the largest and oldest coffee growing region in the country, accounting for 90% of Bolivia’s annual production and some of the highest altitude grown coffee in the world – up to 2400 masl in some parts.


Calama Irupana 2017 - Bolivia Single-Origin

Apricot, peach and dried papaya. Very floral and complex. Sweet and creamy, with a juicy acidity. - another taste club favourite.

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