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The best coffees in Kenya are produced by the cooperatives of which there are around 300 comprised of between half a million to 600,000 smallholder members. About 60% of Kenya's coffee is produced on cooperatives with estates and plantations making up the balance. Typically a smallholding or 'shamba' is comprised of shade-grown coffee, a house, the family cow and a good variety of vegetables and fruit for the use of the family.

Coffee is traditionally sold through the country's auction system, although recent changes in the coffee laws of Kenya, have brought about the introduction of direct trading whereby farmers can by-pass the auction and sell directly to speciality roasters around the world, as it generates better returns for the smallholder.


Kiunyu AA - Kenya Single-Origin

Grapefruit & brown sugar with a cream honeyed body. A smooth and mellow coffee - a firm favourite of our taste club members

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