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Map of BrazilBrazil is South America’s most influential and economically powerful country and one of the world’s largest economies. It also produces over a third of the world’s coffee, with over 5 million people in the country employed in the cultivation or harvest of over 3 billion coffee plants.

The strength or weakness of the global coffee market is largely governed by what happens in Brazil, such is the size of its yearly harvest. El Nino – the weather system that dictates climatic conditions in the country during the summer months – also has a major impact on the coffee futures market. Annual crops as high as 60 million bags are becoming common place.

Coffee plantations cover about 27,000 square kilometres of the country and of the approximately six billion trees, around 75% are Arabica and 25% Robusta.

The average farm size is misleading, however: due to the sheer scale of the country and its coffee production, farms range from smallholder size – around 0.5 hectares – right up to 10,000-hectare estates. On these large estates, much of the cherry harvest is done by picking machines, meaning that both ripe and under ripe cherries are picked simultaneously. Whilst this mechanised system is extremely efficient and serves its purpose for large volumes, hand picking is still the preferred practice on smaller, specialty-focused farms.


Corrego Bonito - Brazil Single-Origin

Raspberry & Strawberry notes, praline, cream, chocolate & full bodied.

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