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Single-origin coffee

Single-origin coffee is grown within a single known geographic origin. Sometimes this is a single farm, or a collection of farms who all process their coffee at the same mill.
The name of the coffee is then usually the place it was grown.


Corrego Bonito - Brazil Single-Origin

Raspberry & Strawberry notes, praline, cream, chocolate & full bodied.

Gualme - Honduras Single-Origin Organic

Raspberry, citrus, milk chocolate. Smooth and sweet with prominent balanced acidity.

Ignacio Huaman Pusma - Peru Single-Origin

Raisin, plum, gingerbread. Creamy and sweet with a long chocolate aftertaste.

La Bolsa - Guatemala Single-Origin

Cherry, plum, hibiscus, strawberry. Syrupy body and long chocolate finish. Delightful!

Salamina, Caldas - Colombia Single-Origin

Lemon curd, raspberry, floral notes and a milk chocolate body