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Calama Irupana 2017 - Bolivia Single-Origin

Apricot, peach and dried papaya. Very floral and complex. Sweet and creamy, with a juicy acidity. - another taste club favourite.

(3 reviews)  
Coaley Peak

Speciality House Blend - Coffee with a punch

(3 reviews)  
Corrego Bonito - Brazil Single-Origin

Raspberry & Strawberry notes, praline, cream, chocolate & full bodied.

(0 reviews)  
Kiunyu AA - Kenya Single-Origin

Grapefruit & brown sugar with a cream honeyed body. A smooth and mellow coffee - a firm favourite of our taste club members

(4 reviews)  
La Bolsa - Guatemala Single-Origin

Cherry, plum, hibiscus, strawberry. Syrupy body and long chocolate finish. Delightful!

(1 reviews)  
Mutwari AB - Tanzania Single-Origin

Maraschino cherry, honey, soft toffee and brown sugar. Sweeeeeeet.

(0 reviews)  
Nyungwe Natural - Rwanda Single-Origin

Cherry, dark chocolate and blueberry with a velvety body. A new variety for us this season.

(4 reviews)  
Rebuild Women's Hope - DR Congo Single-Origin

Milk chocolate, stone fruit & baking spices. A coffee with an inspiring origin history.

(3 reviews)  
Sipangan Bolon Organic TP - Indonesia Single-Origin

Plum, smokey, sweet tobacco, tamarind & dark chocolate. An interesting combination of something a little different.

(7 reviews)  
Taster Packs

Not sure which coffee to buy? Try some of our taster packs - the same great coffee in teeny weeny packets (well enough for 3 cups anyway).

(0 reviews)  
Worley Ridge

Speciality House Blend - Delicate and fruity.

(3 reviews)